We will develop your SMBJet Mach Score™ to propel your business to the next level.

SMBJet will develop your Mach Score™
to take you down the runway to capital!  

SMBJet - Mach Metter

What is a Mach Score™?

Our Mach Score™ is a proprietary system developed over years of research to evaluate the viability of a business and determine the readiness for capital of any type.

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SMBJet Onboarding

The below list defines the most ideal set of materials to be provided by the Principal and/or referral source.  It is assumed that the Client may not have all the material requested, that is normal and expected.  In some cases, the Client may not have any of the material listed.  Best practice is for the Client to send materials that are available, and not delay the process by creating new material.

  • Business Plan
  • 1-Page Tear Sheet
  • Executive Summary
  • Presentation Deck
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Summary of products & services
  • Projections, forecasts, Pro forma
  • Use & Amount of funds
  • Current balance sheet
  • Current profit & loss statement
  • Current cash flow report
  • Business valuation
  • Summary of all current debt
  • Aging report
  • Two years of business tax returns
  • R & D, drawing, engineering, 3D
  • Market research feasibility report
  • Leadership team bios/resumes
  • Intellectual property documentation
  • Offering docs (circular/ PPM)
  • Link to a virtual data room
  • References, citations and annotations
  • Corporate video
  • Website Review
  • Capital Type Identified
  • Documents For Capital Type completed
  • Due Diligence Report Final
  • Identify Capital Audience
  • Confirm Capital Audience Interest

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